Jen Mangrum for NC Senate

Jen Mangrum for NC Senate Portfolio

We are happy to work with candidates in our area to provide websites, social media plans, search engine optimization (getting found by search engines) and “how to edit your own website” training.

Jen Mangrum, a university professor, is a candidate for NC Senate. She needed a website that introduced her to North Carolina voters and made her position on the issues clear. Further, she wanted to give voters an opportunity to add endorsements and volunteer for her campaign.

Like all candidates raising campaign donations, Jen wanted a low-cost site that met her requirements. Piedmont Website Designer delivered a “Candidate Special” website because we are committed to high-quality candidates running for office in our area. The site is modern and attractive and makes it easy for site visitors to interact with Jen and the campaign online.

Jen has accumulated volunteers and donations on her website and has successfully introduced herself and her positions to voters. Jen’s amazing team has worked to make her site an important tool in her campaign.