Whether you have a single small business website or you run a large corporation with several subdomains, you need a place to park your site and all its content. That’s where our website hosting service packages at Piedmont Website Designer can help you!

What Is Web Hosting?

All business website data, including the following, takes up space:

Cascading style sheets (CSS)


Hypertext markup language (HTML) files


You need a place to store data and other critical files that comprise your website. A web host is where that information resides. 

A reliable web hosting service, like ours at Piedmont Website Designer, connects internet users with requested information when they search for your site. Your website wouldn’t have any online presence if it weren’t for a website host. 

Web hosting can also affect your website’s load speed and security, thus impacting your search engine optimization (SEO) performance.

Factors To Consider When Choosing the Right Web Hosting Provider for Your Website

One mistake businesses make is they just go with the first web hosting service they find. However, that’s not always the best choice. Factors you should consider when weighing the best web hosting solution options for you include:

Hosting server uptime and reliability:

Each website hosting service company makes different guarantees about uptime, which refers to an expectation of reliability of access to your site. Downtime refers to situations in which your website is unavailable to the public and can affect your site traffic and ability to grow your business.

Limitations that apply to your account:

Bandwidth refers to the flow of traffic that passes through your server. Videos can consume a lot of bandwidth, causing buffering if multiple people view them all at once. You’ll want to ensure that whatever hosting plan you choose, especially if it claims to offer unlimited bandwidth, can actually accommodate your site’s anticipated traffic and use.

How you use your website:

If you run a content-rich site, such as a WordPress blog, you may need to find a web host that can offer a content delivery network (CDN). If your site serves as a repository for a lot of video or images, for example, you may need to ensure the host you select offers ample space to accommodate that type of content. Also, if you plan to run an e-commerce store, you’ll want to ensure your web host has built-in security measures, such as secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates.

The above-referenced concerns are three of perhaps the most important to consider when deciding on website hosting solutions. Next, we will highlight our different web hosting service tiers at Piedmont Website Designer. 

Our Greensboro, NC website hosting company offers three different service packages to choose from, including the following:

Basic Web Hosting Package

  • Local Storage Allotment: 5GB
  • Maximum Monthly Visits: 15,000
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 25GB

We also refer to this web site hosting option as our starter plan because it provides you with all the basics you would ever need to ensure and manage your company’s online presence while also giving you access to additional resources and tools as it scales. Here’s a quick rundown of some of this basic hosting package’s specs:

  • Full hosting support
  • Daily comprehensive site back-ups and retention for 30 days
  • PHP 7.4 enabled 
  • Server-level caching
  • WordPress sites production, staging, and development environments
  • Global CDN
  • Domain transfer
  • DDoS attack mitigation
  • SSH gateway
  • Complimentary, automated SSL certificates

E-Commerce Hosting Package

  • Local Storage Allotment: 10GB
  • Maximum Monthly Visits: 25,000
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 50GB

If you run an e-commerce store, then you likely experience a higher traffic volume than a non-retail site. You probably require a lot of storage to list your various items and their related images. Additionally, your customers expect your site to be up all the time. This e-commerce web hosting service package allows you to accommodate more visitors, store more data and gives you the bandwidth needed to ensure your customers experience a seamless browsing experience. This web hosting tier includes:

  • Free Cloudflare installation and setup
  • Server level caching
  • PHP 7.4 ready
  • Global CDN
  • DDoS attack mitigation
  • Transferable sites
  • Free, automated SSL certificates
  • SSH gateway
  • Full hosting support
  • Daily site back-ups with 30-day retention
  • Development, staging, and production environments for WordPress

Enterprise Hosting Package

  • Local Storage Allotment: 15+GB
  • Maximum Monthly Visits: 50,000+
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 75GB+

If your company has needs that exceed what your current web hosting service providers offer, you may want to consider this plan. It’s also ideal if you want the same host for various sites or you’re looking to grow the size of an existing website. This enterprise-level web hosting tier offers additional storage, visits, and bandwidth over our other Piedmont Website Designer tiers, thus ensuring more reliable availability and scalability of your business.

Hosting features that we offer as part of this enterprise-level package include: 

  • Daily comprehensive site back-ups and retention for 30 days
  • DDoS attack mitigation
  • Transferable sites
  • Complimentary, automated SSL certificates
  • Multisite WordPress ready
  • SSH gateway
  • WordPress production, staging, and development environments
  • PHP 7.4 enabled 
  • Global CDN
  • Free installation and configuration of Cloudflare
  • Full hosting support
  • Server-level caching

What You Can Expect When Using Our Website Hosting Services

Here at Piedmont Website Designer, we offer web hosting that:

  • Has guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.
  • Is easily scalable. Our hosting plans allow you to upgrade as your traffic or bandwidth needs change.
  • Allows for full management of your website and hosting preferences.

Contact us to learn more about our Greensboro company’s web hosting with local service options, including its reliability and to get a price quote

Service You Can Expect When Allowing Piedmont Website Designer Handle Your Web Hosting

Our Greensboro, North Carolina website hosting company prides itself on offering top-notch hosting services and support, including:

Website Hosting Packages

The various tiers of web hosting packages we offer aim to make your site load faster and enhance its reliability. These two factors help with lead generation necessary to grow sales and profits. Although our company’s location is in Greensboro, NC, we have CDNs nationwide, thus ensuring your ability to achieve the reliability and speed you’re looking for.

Managed Web Servers

Our web servers at Piedmont Website Designer are fully managed, secure, and customized to meet the varied needs of different content management systems (CMS), WordPress included. And, if you haven’t yet identified the right CMS for your website, our team can help you choose. 

TechTriad gives fabulous website support

Proactive Technical Support

We know what it’s like to encounter a problem with your website hosting service and not have anyone available to quickly address any issues you’re having. That’s why our Piedmont Website Designer team prides itself on providing responsive technical support. We do everything within our control to minimize potential problems, such as providing free SSL certificates. Each tier of our website hosting plan also includes DDoS attack detection software to identify malware and keep hackers at bay. Still, other situations may arise. We will provide you with attentive support in such scenarios. 

How To Learn More About Our Premium Business Website Hosting Service

We may be a bit biased, but we tend to believe that we’re one of the best web hosting companies in North Carolina and the U.S. Why, you might ask? It has to do, in part, with our more than 20 years of experience as trusted web hosting company. If you read our about us page, you’ll gain insight into our commitment to offering competitive, affordable web hosting without compromising on speed, reliability, security, and service. These are some of the most important factors prospective clients focus on when looking for a company to host a website. 

We’d love to discuss how our team at Piedmont Website Designer can provide hosting to meet your needs and budget. Reach out to us for more information about our website hosting service that can scale up as your company’s digital footprint grows.