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Our expert designers & programmers create your new look!

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Routine updates ensure your website stays up-to-date so it can perform at it's best!

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Associations, clubs, dog breeders & membership site experts!

How Your WordPress Site is Developed

research and design


Piedmont Website Designer spends time learning about your organization and you, what your online goals are and your online "taste" for design.

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While your site is built on our development server, you are given a login and we start training you to use the site right away.

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After signing approvals, your site is launched in your hosting account. We work with you to connect your site to search engines and analytics.

Not everyone knows how to build a good website, which makes building your own website difficult for beginners. If you want to build a website with a reliable site builder, instead of trying to build your own website, Piedmont Website Designer offers comprehensive WordPress website design and development to create a website for businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, bloggers, and foundations. Our optimized services include website building, branding, fonts, widgets, search engine optimization (SEO), SEO tools, and making sure your visitors have a great experience.

While our web designers use a variety of enterprise-level WordPress tools to make an intuitive and easy-to-use website, we are careful to make sure that the customer journey (UI) and the user experience (UX) are first-rate. Piedmont Website Designer can help you and your organization create an online presence that turns visitors into customers, test how their experience is on your site and focus on their logical progress through your WordPress website.

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Concerned about the website cost?

New and redesigned WordPress websites cost less than you think. Call Piedmont Website Designer today – or use our easy online quote form – to see what moving your website into WordPress costs. We know where the free and low-cost tools are to use on your site.

Overwhelmed thinking about a new website?

When trying to create your best website, we understand website anxiety! We provide written tutorials and personal training sessions anywhere. We won’t just walk you through it, but we make sure you know how to use your WordPress website before and after launch!

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Clear, itemized contracts

When you make your website, you deserve to make it professionally and with confidence. Piedmont Website Designer makes sure you know what your own website will cost to create a website and what it will cost next year for web-hosting (ask us about our web hosting plans). We know how to make a website with our extensive web-building skills and can set up a responsive mobile website for you in no time. We don’t like “new costs” surprises when building a website and neither should you!


Sites back up automatically

With Piedmont Website Designer, you can build a site and be sure that it uses professional security tools and technical skills while also sending a full backup to your cloud storage. We build websites that offer the customization you need in security for your small business website creation.


We're always here to help

When creating websites, an easy website does not have to be a simple website. Need a new customizable feature? Forget how to embed a video? Looking to create your website that meets the E-commerce needs for your storefront? Get in touch and our professional website builders will help resolve your issues and create your own website. We provide fabulous web-design support, to create a web page that will get your website to the quality you are looking for.

You deserve a website builder with experience, and we’ve been helping our clients make a website for 20 years. Whether you need a one-page online store or you need help building websites that have many web pages, you are one click away from an up-and-running beautiful website with help of an experienced web builder.