WordPress Monthly Maintenance Services

We Offer at Piedmont Web Designer

It is not unusual foe there to be several monthly WordPress updates. Users must take proactive steps, such as maintaining core code and installing WordPress plugins when those releases happen to ensure the security of their data and an optimal user experience. 

WordPress theme and plugin developers send out updates more frequently than once a month. Updates to websites running on the WordPress platform should occur at least once monthly to keep them reasonably safe and secure. 

Those WordPress users who do not keep their sites up-to-date find their sites seldom get hacked, which is why our Piedmont Web Designer team offers a WordPress monthly maintenance package as well as an a-la-carte, at your request, or on-demand option to ensure your site continues to perform well for you.

Examples of Monthly Maintenance WordPress Websites Require

Guilford Nonprofit Consortium WordPress Website

While keeping core, free, and premium themes and plugins updated is integral to minimizing site vulnerability and performance, we also offer the following services as part of our WordPress monthly maintenance services at Piedmont Web Designer:

  • Executing site performance testing, including running speed tests and ensuring the optimal functionality of your contact forms
  • Tidying up your media library
  • Changing login credentials, including username and password (to enhance security)
  • Eliminating inactive, unused, or outdated plugins or themes
  • Creating a comprehensive back-up version of your website
  • Removing post and page drafts
  • Identifying and addressing 404 redirect errors
  • Clearing the website's cache
  • Eliminating spam comments on your website's blog and any other page that allows for user-generated content
  • Identifying and fixing any broken links on your site
  • Analyzing and optimizing the WordPress database
  • Performing cascading style sheet (CSS) tweaks

The list of functions and checks above that we perform as part of our WordPress monthly maintenance package is far from exhaustive. Our web development team takes time to assess your site to determine what level of support you need and customize our offerings to align with them for a flat monthly fee. Our Greensboro, NC WordPress web design company also offers a reasonable hourly rate in which we can provide more in-depth support as such needs arise.

Benefits Associated With Maintaining Your WordPress Site

Maintaining your WordPress website, whether you self-host it or you pay for shared hosting, is beneficial for a few different reasons, as previously outlined, including: 

  • Ensuring an Optimal User Experience: Many of the plugins that WordPress website owners install are created by third parties. WordPress plugin developers may release new updates for outdated ones just like WP does for its self-built ones. It's possible for site usability to suffer unless the site and WordPress plugins are regularly updated, tested, checked for compatibility, and any necessary fixes are made to ensure users can seamlessly engage with them.
  • Enhancing Site Security: WordPress is often a target of malware, like bots, viruses, and malicious code unleashed by hackers. Maintaining your site's plugins and core code gives you the peace of mind that security patches are updated, which is the best defense for minimizing the chances of an attacker taking control of your site and stealing any stored data.

Ensuring programming language compatibility with WordPress is also critically important. Updates must be made to the technology platforms on which WordPress runs, including the MySQL database and PHP file. Your site may stop running, and your server hosting could become incompatible with WordPress unless you keep these programming languages up-to-date. You could also leave the site's backend vulnerable to attackers if you didn't regularly check for and install the latest security patches. 

Also, having a WordPress monthly maintenance plan gives you the peace of mind of knowing that a WordPress development professional is there to make changes to the code when minor tweaks, like when you've found a new WP theme and are looking to install it or are looking to add new fields on a contact form. 

While handling some WP-admin backend functions, such as uploading blog posts or modifying content using the content management systems dashboard, may be something you have mastered through WordPress training or can do so by watching online WordPress tutorial, we can help you with any coding-related matters that can affect your site's performance.

Is a WordPress Maintenance Plan and a WordPress Site Hosting Service the Same?

At Piedmont Website Designer, we are both a WordPress maintenance and hosting provider. However, they're two separate services. 

All WordPress sites need hosting, which is why our Greensboro, NC web design company offers various managed hosting plans such as a basic, ecommerce, and enterprise hosting package. Each hosting plan provides you with some standard services, such as the following and then other scalable features that you're seeking:

  • An automated SSL certificate
  • DDoS protection (attack mitigation)
  • Daily site backups and 30-days of data retention

Upgrades, firewall monitoring, and software patch updates included as part of these cloud hosting packages focus on the web-hosting service and web-server itself, such as uptime monitoring, as opposed to your WordPress site. This is why you need to ensure you're taking care of your WordPress site's maintenance or have WordPress developers like ours at Piedmont Web Designers do all necessary quality assurance testing, site troubleshooting, customization, WordPress themes and plugins and core updates on a regular schedule for you.

How Our Piedmont Web Designer Team Protects Your WordPress Site

Whether you've recently moved from a drag and drop type of web page builder tool and are making your first foray into building a website using WordPress or you're a long-term user, our WordPress monthly maintenance package can help you. 

Contact our WordPress experts at Piedmont Web Design about setting up our maintenance so we can get started. Knowing that your site's code, plugins, themes, and everything else are being tended to at least once per-month should give you the peace of mind that you'll be able to maintain your company's online presence for the foreseeable future.