Frequently Asked Questions We Receive at Piedmont Website Designer

Here are some of the more common inquiries we receive at our WordPress website development and support company:

I haven't used a website builder before. How easy is it to make a website?

There are many website builders out there, many of which rely on the use of drag-and-drop tools to intuitively build webpages without a consumer having a lot of technological expertise. Using these web builders is often easy enough for an entrepreneur or nonprofit establishing an initial web presence for their company or organization to utilize; however, it's often necessary to get website developers like ours at Piedmont Website Designer involved to assist with: 

  • Site migrations
  • Custom WordPress theme installations
  • Tracking down and fixing bugs
  • Installing security updates that will ward off hackers
  • Improving site performance, like page load speed
Can I use WordPress to create a website?

Absolutely. Actually, as many as 810 million websites worldwide run on WordPress, including those webpages belonging to some of the biggest brands, including: 

  • CNN
  • Vogue
  • Wired Magazine
  • The White House
  • Mozilla
  • Grubhub
  • Etsy
  • The New York Times
  • Sony Music
  • Yelp
  • Microsoft
  • PlayStation
  • And many more

There are countless WordPress themes and widgets that allow you to design a website with functionality that has a completely unique design (even before adding text and images and font choices that add additional customization).

What are the advantages of a WordPress website?

There are a whole host of reasons why companies utilize WordPress as their go-to website builder and content management system (CMS) over other options. Some of the reasons those companies choose WordPress web design services over others include

1. WordPress Software Is an Open-Source Web Tool

What this means to you as a business owner is that WordPress developers are consistently inspecting and improving the code. These behind the scene efforts ensure that the platform is easy for consumers to utilize from their WordPress admin dashboard.

2. WordPress Websites Are Easy to Use

Users don't have to understand computer programming to upload content like blog posts or images and new pages once their site is developed. Additionally, there's no downloading of any software to utilize a WordPress site. Instead, consumers can access and make modifications to their WordPress website, such as adding pages, changing fonts or text layouts, and adding images or creating galleries, all without utilizing additional software platforms, from virtually any device and anywhere.

3. WordPress Web Design Helps With Your Digital Marketing Efforts

WordPress sites tend to have a fast page speed, comparatively speaking, and there are options to create image alt tags or permalinks and to input title tags and headers built into the platform, all of which can improve performance in search engines.

Plus, there is a wide range of both free and paid widgets, such as Yoast, that can further enhance search engine optimization performance. Taking its recommendations about readability and meta description length are two examples of factors that can help with Google search scores.

4. WordPress Offers Website Design Flexibility

If you look at most drag-and-drop web builders available for non-tech-oriented consumers to build their websites, you'll find that there are a few unique design options to choose from. No two sites have to be the same when you utilize WordPress website development tools.

There are thousands of free WordPress theme options built into the platform that allows designers to build a site that's uniquely their own. Additionally, a WordPress development company like ours at Piedmont Website Designer can create custom themes that can be utilized as well when free WordPress ones don't suffice.

5. WordPress Offers a Wealth of Plugin Options

It's easy to add new functionality to your WordPress site, such as a chat or online scheduling tool or shopping cart on an e-commerce website, with the assistance of a web developer. You can easily make changes to your website as you scale your business, thanks to the countless WordPress plugins available to handle almost every imaginable task.

How do I add an online store to my website?

Adding an e-store to your WordPress website is a definitely possibility. Our Piedmont Website Designer team has assisted countless companies in establishing online retail stores where they've gone on to sell physical products and offer their services for purchase.

An e-commerce store is actually referred to as "Shop Page WP" if you're navigating the plugin menu within your WordPress site's admin menu. While installing the plugin is easy enough, selecting a theme and otherwise designing your online store to look and function just as you like is something, like any custom WordPress web development task, you may want to consider having a developer from Piedmont Website Designer help you with.

What are the features that come with your website packages?

All of our website packages are fully customizable, meaning you tell us your needs and goals, so we recommend the web services that best align with your objectives. 

Some of the featured, scalable web services we offer to meet your needs include:

Please reach out to us to let us know more about your needs so we can provide you with a custom quote for our web services. Additionally, if you have any inquiries beyond what we’ve already answered in these Frequently Asked Questions, please also let us know. We’d be happy to address those concerns as well!